Inexpensive hardware to use for development and testing?

Lonnie Cumberland <lonnie@...>

Hello All,

I currently have a 64-bit AMD system (Running Ubuntu 20.04) but at the moment ACRN does not run on that hardware so I am considering purchasing an inexpensive Intel system to work with for testing and development.

In an ACRN quick start video, I saw:

It seemed that the person and an "Intel NUC" and I started looking on Amazon for one that might work and also be under about $500 but have no real idea.

and this one as well although I do not need Windows 10 installed and would rather get one without an OS

I just wanted to see if I might be able to get some suggestions from anyone willing to offer advice to me.

Also, perhaps Amazon is not the place I should be looking at for this since there are many other sources available and that was just a quick exploration.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.