[Announce] ACRN Open Source Ver1.3 Release Notes

Wang, Hongbo

Hi all,


We are very pleased to announce Version 1.3 release of ACRN. You can see the release blog from https://projectacrn.org/blog/ and detailed Release Notes in website https://projectacrn.github.io/latest/release_notes/release_notes_1.3.html.

Version 1.3 new features:

  • OVMF supports Graphics Output Protocol (GOP), allowing Windows logo at guest VM boot time.
  • Platform-level coordinated graceful shutdown (S5) for User VMs.
  • Virtual UART (vUART) for inter-VM communication.
  • acrn-config tool to configure VM and hypervisor from an XML configuration file at build time.
  • Ethernet mediator now supports prioritization per VM.
  • Features for real-time determinism, e.g. Cache Allocation Technology (CAT, only supported on Apollo Lake).

Besides the new features, in this release, there’re several reference documents available, including Getting Started Guide of Industrial usage, ACRN configuration tool, Ubuntu/Debian as Guest VM, etc



Best regards.


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