ACRN Project Technical Community Meeting Minutes - 12/19/2018

Wang, Hongbo

ACRN Project TCM - 19th December 2018
  1. ACRN project update
  1. TCM meeting will pause for 2 weeks at 12/26/2018 and 1/3/2019 due to holiday season.
  2. V0.4 (Nov) released at 12/14/2018.
  3. The v0.5 (Dec) release’s ETA: is 01/12/2019.
  4. ACRN Open source platform lists
Prioritization Category Release Criteria Platform Boot Loader SOS Guest OS
P1 POR platform Monthly release,
F1+F2 test,
APL UP2 SBL ClearLinux ClearLinux
APL NUC UEFI ClearLinux ClearLinux
KBL NUC UEFI ClearLinux ClearLinux
P2 Low touch platform One time release,
F2 test,
KBL NUC UEFI ClearLinux Android – Celadon
P3 Scalability platform One time release,
F2 test,
APL UP2 SBL ClearLinux Android – Celadon
SKL NUC UEFI ClearLinux ClearLinux
APL NUC UEFI Ubuntu Ubuntu
  1. LIU, Yuan:  GPIO Virtualization in ACRN
Download foil from ACRN Presentation->ACRN_TCM->WW51’18
Q: Do we emulate a GPIO controller, IRQ chip in each UOS?
A: Yes.
Q: Do we emulate the pin control in UOS?
A: No, because of no interface in SOS.
Q: How to do GPIO pin direction setting in UOS?
A: Current para-virtualization only supports W/R/Interrupt, but not GPIO pin direction setting.
Q: How about GPIO initialization,
A: Done in SOS.
Q: How is the virtualization latency of GPIO?
A:  For GPIO operation is ok, it is same as virtio-net, virtio-blk. But for GPIO IRQ, it may not meet strict latency requirements
Q: Any hardware design limitation for this virtio-gpio virtual GPIO design?
A: There is no hardware design limitation.
  1. All: Community open discussion.
  1. Next meeting agenda proposal:
WW Topic Presenter Status
WW21 ACRN roadmap introduction Ren, Jack Done
WW22 Patch submission process
ACRN feature list introduction
Wang, Hongbo
Ren, Jack
WW23 Memory Management Chen, Jascon Done
WW24 Boot flow and fast boot Wu, Binbin Done
WW25 Memory Management Chen, Jason C Done
WW26 Audio virtualization Li, Jocelyn Done
WW27 Trusty Security on ACRN Zhu, Bing’s team Done
WW28 Clear Linux and use on ACRN Du, Alek Done
WW29 GVT-g for ACRN (a.k.a AcrnGT) Gong, Zhipeng Done
WW30 Device pass-through Zhai, Edwin Done
WW31 ACRN logical partition Ren, Jack/Xu, Anthony Done
WW32 ACRN interrupt management Chen, Jason Done
WW33 ACRN ACPI virtualization Edwin Zhai Done
WW34 ACRN S3/S5 management Fengwei Yin Done
WW35 ACRN P-state/C-state management Victor Sun Done
WW36 CPU Virtualization Jason Chen Done
WW37 Joint Design: VM Configuration Options Discussion Fengwei Yin Done
WW38 Joint Design: Remove dynamic memory allocation from ACRN memory management Li, Fei Done
WW39 USB virtualization Wang, Yu Done
WW41 Interrupt Storm Mitigation Cao, Minggui Done
WW42 SBL bootloader introduction - 101 Ma, Maurice Done
WW43 SBL bootloader - 201 Ma, Maurice Done
WW44 ACRN VT-d Binbin Wu Done
WW45 ACRN update in Embedded Linux Conf Ren, Jack Done
WW46 Vhost support Wang, Yu Done
WW47 ACRN Real-Time Architecture Ren, jack Done
WW48 PCIe config space trap and emulation In HV Chen, Zide Done
WW49 Virtio network performance analysis Deng, Jie Done
WW50 Virtio storage performance analysis Chen, Conghui Done
WW51 ACRN GPIO virtualization Wang, Yu 12/19
  1. 2019 Embedded World Exhibition & Conference
  1. Feb. 26-28, 2019
  2. CFP deadline: Aug. 31, 2018
  3. Nuremberg, Germany
  1. Project URL:
  1. Portal:   
  2. Source code:   
  3. email: info@...g
  4. Technical Mailing list: acrn-dev@...g
  1. Recommended Hardware platform (reference):
  1. Apollo Lake (SoC) UP2 (with serial port): AAEON UPS-APLC2-A10-0232
  2. Apollo Lake (SoC) NUC (without serial port): NUC6CAYHL (at least 8G memory)
  3. Kabylake (Core) NUC (with serial port): NUC7i5BNH
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