Has ACRN got the SIL 3 IEC 61508 certification?


        Thanks for the update.

Zou, Terry

Yes, for Functional Safety certification,  ACRN v1.4 release already received IEC61508 Safety Integrity Level 3(SIL3) certification on  2021-09-06.

There is WeChat blog with cert paper for your information: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Qd6aluIZ7LczV4n9I2lKtA

For ARM platform, there is no support for ARM-based processors at this stage. but ACRN is designed to support multi-architectures, so welcome anybody from community to discuss and contribute for ARM support, thanks.


Hello All,
        I got to know that the ACRN hypervisor is on track to receive the functional safety certification.
Please provide the following information:
1. Has it been received or yet to receive? If it has not been received yet when is expected to receive?
2. When are the arm platforms expected to receive the support for the ACRN hypervisor?

We would like to evaluate it for a functional safety application.
"IEC 61508 is considered as the “Golden Standard” in the functional safety industry. ACRN is on track to receive the final functional safety certification by the end of 2020."