unsubscribe statement (2021/09)


hi all,


I will unsubscribe the mailing list of this group next month (2nd half of Oct, 2021) temporarily.

Please align your communication and project (product) development on the enterprise (R&D) level with the below road map and directions if possible.



@administrators of this community, please follow 《China data security law》of 2021/09 and 《China's personal information protection law》of 2021/11 to manage and achive the content of this historical mailing list. 

@young people, I think there are huge of work and things to do ahead of the road in the directions mentioned above. Please also try to keep in mind there is a big improvement of Inclusive Growth in your journey which you could learn from your teachers. (who ?)

have a good day (weekend) ! 

Thank you very much for your help and understanding.

Best Regards,

Crane Zhou