[Announce] ACRN Open Source Ver1.6 Release Notes

Zou, Terry

Hi all,


We are very pleased to announce Version 1.6 release of ACRN. You can see the release blog from https://projectacrn.org/blog/ and detailed Release Notes in website https://projectacrn.github.io/latest/release_notes/release_notes_1.6.html

Version 1.6 features:

  • Graphics passthrough support: The hypervisor and Service VMs support allowing passthrough graphics devices to target DM-launched guest VMs, based on GVT-d.
  • SRIOV support:
    • The ACRN hypervisor allows an SRIOV-capable PCI device’s Physical Function (PF) to be allocated to the Service VM.
    • The ACRN hypervisor allows a SRIOV-capable PCI device’s Virtual Functions (VFs) to be allocated to any VM.
    • The ACRN Service VM supports the SRIOV ethernet device (through the PF driver), and ensures that the SRIOV VF device is able to be assigned (passthrough) to a post-launched VM (launched by ACRN-DM).
  • CPU sharing enhancement - Halt/Pause emulation: For a vCPU that uses the fairness CPU scheduler, the hypervisor supports yielding an idle vCPU (when it’s running a ‘HLT’ or ‘PAUSE’ instruction).
  • PCI Config space access emulation for passthrough devices in the hypervisor: The hypervisor provides the necessary emulation (such as config space) of the passthrough PCI device during runtime for a DM-launched VM. Such runtime emulation is DM-independent.
  • PCI bridge emulation in hypervisor


To learn more about ACRN: ACRN is a flexible, lightweight reference hypervisor, built with real-time and safety-criticality in mind, optimized to streamline embedded development through an open source platform. Check out the ACRN project portal (https://projectacrn.org/) for more information.


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