2020 ACRN Project Technical Community Meeting Minutes - WW10'20

Zou, Terry

ACRN Project TCM - 4th Mar 2020
Attendees (Total 62, 4/3)
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  1. ACRN project update 
        2 months training session for ACRN new feature and architecture.
  1. “CPU Sharing - BVT scheduler in ACRN Hypervisor” by CHEN, Conghui
Download foil from ACRN Presentation->ACRN_TCM->WW10’20
Short description: Currently, IORR is supported in ACRN Hypervisor, it has good performance for I/O intensive task, but has the risk of I/O attack. Besides, it is unfair. So, BVT is introduced. It is a virtual time based scheduling algorithm, can provide fair share of pCPU to vCPU, and avoid I/O attack. In this session, we will talk about the implementation for BVT, and give a brief comparison for BVT and other scheduler algorithms.
  1. All: Community open discussion.
Q1: GCC and bigsim are 2 examples of threads, 3 threads case is in Page 10.
Q2: Each thread of CPU workload is based on tick, no I/O and others.
Q3: MCU is Minimum charging Unit, physical number to 1 us.
Q4: Do not support CPU sharing for pre-launch VM in Hybrid mode yet, only for sharing VMs.
Q5: Could support latency sensitive VM, statically setup warp for latency sensitive thread. 
  1. Next meeting agenda proposal:
WW Topic Presenter Status
WW03 Expose and pass through platform hidden PCIs devices to SOS LI, Fei 1/15
WW08 EtherCAT 101 MAO, Junjie 2/18
WW09 How to build a Yocto based SOS on ACRN LIU, Fuzhong 2/26
WW10 CPU Sharing - BVT scheduler in ACRN Hypervisor CHEN, Conghui 3/4
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