ACRN Project Technical Community Meeting Minutes - 2/13/2019

Wang, Hongbo

ACRN Project TCM - 13th February 2019
  1. ACRN project update
  1. LIU, Long: QoS Design In ACRN
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Q1: What’s the color code for the “ACRN Device-Model QoS Architecture” page?
Q2: What’s the difference of Cgroup QoS management and Kata Container QoS management for ACRN?
A2: Cgroup QoS is only used for ACRN device-model to control UOS devices resource.            Kata Container QoS management is a part of Kata container, when you enable container in ACRN I think the it’s no need for Cgroup QoS
Q3: Can we pin the vCPU to UOS?
A3:  By current ACRN hypervisor design, the vCPU will be pin to pCPU, and do not support CPU sharing so far. That is means once the pCPU assigned to specific UOS, then it can't be shared with other VMs.
Q4: What’s the current implementation of ACRN DM QoS?
A4: Right now there was no QoS feature for ACRN DM, we will commit the QoS patch this week.
Q5: Can we explain the SOS vCPU bandwidth quota?
A5: This example is SOS CPU bandwidth. Right now in ACRN there only one CPU for SOS. So all  SOS’s process run in the CPU.
We setup two  Cgroups subdirectory for two UOS and set UOS1 CPU quota value is 30000us(30ms) and period value is 100000us(100ms), set UOS2 CPU quota value is 50000us(50ms) period value is 100000us(100ms)
That means in every 100000us(100ms) time slice UOS1 will run 30000us(30ms) and UOS2 will run 50000us(50ms).

3. All: Community open discussion.
4. Next meeting agenda proposal:
WW Topic Presenter Status
WW02 TPM2.0 virtualization in ACRN DENG, Wei 1/9
WW03 Polling mode Virtio and its advantage for RT VM DENG, Jie 1/16
WW04 Buffer sharing from UOS to SOS, HyperDMA usage LIU, Xinyun 1/23
WW05 USB HUB Virtualization WU, Xiaoguang 1/30
WW07 ACRN Device Model QoS Design LIU, Long Today
WW08 ACRN Debug Tips CHEN, Jason
WW11 Power button key mediator design in ACRN Wang, Yu
WW13 I2C Virtualization Wang, Yu
WW14 Security related topics ZHU, Bing
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  1. Recommended Hardware platform (reference):
  1. Apollo Lake (SoC) UP2 (with serial port): AAEON UPS-APLC2-A10-0232
  2. Apollo Lake (SoC) NUC (without serial port): NUC6CAYHL (at least 8G memory)
  3. Kabylake (Core) NUC (with serial port): NUC7i5BNH
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