WHL-ipc-i7 gpu display problem

Jianjie Lin

Hi ACRN-community,


Our team faces the problem of the GPU-d/g for a long time. We try all the possibilities according to the resource from the tutorial or GitHub; however, the issue remains.

According to the tutorial, we use a whiskey lake i7 board for the gpu sharing or pass-through, which is fully supported by the acrn hypervisor.


We have tried release v2.5 as the starting point. We can successfully launch the uos in the console version, but the GPU version is either automatically rebooted or stuck for an hour without further action.

Then we return back the v2.0 since, based on the issue report, the gvt-g is a known issue since the v2.1.

However, it still does not help after we install the release version 2.0.


I attach three files for your diagnose

  1. the board information
  2. launch gpu file
  3. the log information.

Thank you very much for your support. Looking forward for your reply.



Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

Jianjie Lin


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