Re: Acrn hardware selection Kaby Lake

Geoffroy Van Cutsem

Hi Feng Pan,


I would recommend you choose the NUC7i7DNHE, it’s the same board inside but the chassis allows for an easy fitting of the serial port cable via the on-board header. You can purchase such cable here: or from the Gorite site directly:


It’s also the same cable that you can use on the Tiger Lake platform which is what we are shifting our focus on, so that’s also the one I would recommend instead of the Kaby Lake one.


Hope this helps!


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I am searching for a hardware to try the Acrn. One of my candidate will be Kaby Lake hardware, which is suggested by Acrn in hardware list


However I am a little confused about the production code NUC7i7DNH and NUC7i7DNB. Which one should I search for? And I found an Amazon link through intel website for NUC7i7DNBE:


Is this hardware also the same as the recommendations from Acrn website? (so that I can directly use the Acrn config file)


Thank you and best regards,

Feng. PAN

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