Re: launch_ubuntu in Ubuntu Service VM will automatically reboot

Zou, Terry

Hi Jianjie, welcome to ACRN world : )
For your reboot issue, first, you already successfully boot ACRN and Ubuntu SOS right, you can check dmesg as below. If you don't launch Guest VM, the system is stable right.
$ dmesg | grep ACRN
[    0.000000] Hypervisor detected: ACRN
[    0.862942] ACRN HVLog: acrn_hvlog_init
Then, you just run to launch guest VM, could you login Ubuntu for first time or just reboot and never succeed ? BTW, which platform are you trying on, a NUC platform, e.g., NUC11 ?

There are two steps for next debug: 1. could you enclosed your '', we can check if anything missed. 2. enable serial port to get HV log for next analysis:

Best & Regards

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