Re: Android on ACRN on QEMU

Kinder, David B

All the ACRN release documentation are archived and available online.  If you click on the version selector icon (where it says v:latest under the search box in the left navigation pane, you can then click on any of the listed versions (such as 1.0) and get to the v1.0 ACRN documentation.  (You can also manually enter the URL for the version of ACRN documentation, for example for v1.0:  or for v1.5:   


I do see this Celadon document in the v1.5 archive that might be relevant, but maybe Terry has a specific document in mind: Using Celadon as the User OS — Project ACRN™ v 1.6-unstable documentation


-- david



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Good to see you already enabled ACRN over QEMU : ).
Yes, it is not easy to find AaaG guide doc in ACRN home page now, you know we retired some old doc during homepage refresh. I need to check if we have any archive doc to help you. Stay tuned and back to you later.

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