Re: ACRN support for AI Accelerator USB stick

Zou, Terry

Hi Feng.Pan, really good idea to try Movidius USB stick in virtual machine on top of ACRN, that would be a wonderful scenario to run AI workload with OpenVINO in one VM, both Linux or Windows , and other time critical workload in other VM, e.g., RTVM :)
Basically for ACRN, AI USB stick is an USB device in SOS, you can either pass-through this device to post-launch Linux/Windows VM directly or pass-through USB host controller to guest(corresponding USB slave device will also pass-through to same guest VM).  
But actually we did not try such Movidius USB stick yet, if you have it on-hand, please try it, and let us know if any specific issues. thanks.

Best & Regards

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