Multiple Pre-Launched User VM question

Lonnie Cumberland <lonnie@...>

Hi All,

This weekend, I was able to set up my base build system on the Intel NUC7i7 that I had purchased.  

It came with Windows 10 and instead of wiping the OS and installing Ubuntu 20.04 natively, I decided to try to use the LVS2 system that comes with Windows 10 which allows me to install and run Ubuntu 20.04 directly and use it concurrently from Windows 10. 

Additionally, I installed Docker in Windows which also gave me Docker in my Ubuntu 20.04 and was able to get the ACRN Docker files from:

and then was able to very easily set up a build environment for ACRN after which I successfully built the hypervisor.

Now I want to also see if I can run ACRN under Qemu either on native Windows 10 or under my new Ubuntu 20.04 so I am working on trying to figure out how to build a simple setup with some User VM's to test.

Also, I have been reading over the ACRN documentation where it discusses the various usage scenarios:


 I was wondering if ACRN can be configured and set up to have multiple "Pre-Launched" User VM's instead of just one?

If currently not possible, then what areas of the source code might I be able to view to see where this is done as I might want to see about forking the code to do some testing and modifications to see what is, or is not, achievable?

Thanks and have a good weekend,

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