ACRN Demo ISO needed

Lonnie Cumberland <lonnie@...>

Hi All,

I was just searching the ACRN mailing list and found some past discussions that I had regarding ISO's so my earlier message may not be relevant, although I truly think that it would be a very good idea for the ACRN project to have some Demo ISO's on the site so that people can download and test out which would give them a good feel for if ACRN is what they might be looking for and if they want to get involved with the project.

I now have a NUC7i7 and would really just like to see ACRN run without having to go through the whole setup and build process first just to see it in action locally.

Of course, I am going to work towards doing a setup and build with perhaps a couple of Linux VM's just to play with and get started, but it would be nice to see it run first.

Anyway, just my opinion.

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