Re: /usr/lib/system/ folder is missing

Geoffroy Van Cutsem

Hi Kishore,


It should be /usr/lib/systemd (with a ‘d’).


Note as well that the source path is no longer correct for v2.4, these files are nowadays found in misc/services/acrn_bridge/




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I tried to follow the steps given below. But, I donot see /usr/lib/system or /usr/lib/system/network folder. Am I missing something?

Create a tap interface (tap0) and add the tap interface as part of the acrn-br0 using the below steps,

  1. Copy files misc/acrnbridge/ and misc/acrnbridge/tap0.netdev from the cloned ACRN repo to /usr/lib/system/network.
  2. Rename to
  3. Rename tap0.netdev to 50-tap0.netdev.

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