some issues when launch debian and windows uos


Hi all,
    I build a Ubuntu18.04 SOS on our 7300U board.  SCENARIO = industry
$ uname -a
Linux acrn-Kabylake 5.4.72-PKT-200203T060100Z #2 SMP PREEMPT Mon Mar 8 10:59:26 CST 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
$ dmesg | grep ACRN
[    0.000000] Hypervisor detected: ACRN
[   65.293721] ACRNTrace: Initialized acrn trace module with 4 cpu
[   65.293722] ACRN HVLog: no fixed memory reserve for hvlog.
$ acrn-dm -v
DM version is: 2.3-b6e24ea4-dirty (daily tag:acrn-2020w48.5-180000p), build by acrn@2021-03-08 10:28:57

There are some issues when launch UOS:
issue1: The SOS freezes for 60s at startup after the i915.enable_gvt=1 added in 40_customer.

the dmesg file is in attachment.

issue2: launch Debian as UOS,  warning messages(as follows) keep printing but the UOS works fine.
Failed to emulate instruction [mmio address 0xdf57e000, size 4Unhandled memory access to 0xdf57e004
Failed to emulate instruction [mmio address 0xdf57e004, size 4Unhandled memory access to 0xdf57e008
Failed to emulate instruction [mmio address 0xdf57e008, size 4Unhandled memory access to 0xdf57e00c

issue3: follow the latest document to using_windows_as_uos,  Enable the GVT-d GOP Driver.
The board often restarts after running the script. 
have tried 10 times, see UEFI shell only twice, and the rest are restarted directly.
finished the windows installation by GVT-d, but never launch WaaG successfully
because the board always restart when running

the attachment is the tar of the dmesg files and scripts.
Any information, or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Xi'an R&D Center Computerized Numerical Control R&D Dept.  Shuai Zhang 
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