Re: Running ACRN in Virtualbox on NUC7i7DNH?

Geoffroy Van Cutsem

Hi Lonnie,


I have never heard of anyone attempting to boot ACRN in a VirtualBox VM… do let us know if you and have any success there! 😉


One other path you could take is to QEMU on Windows and follow this tutorial: I don’t have any experience with QEMU on Windows, but assuming it only does the emulation piece, you’d probably also want to use the HAXM driver to expose VT-x (


Unfortunately, I don’t have any Windows machine other than my official IT machine… and I don’t think my IT department would be too thrilled if I was to try this on it 😊







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Hi All,


I am running my new NUC7i7DNHE that has Windows 10 on it and have installed VirtualBox so that I can use it as a build platform for ACRN in some VM's.


I am wondering if anyone has been able to install and boot up ACRN in a VirtualBox VM with Clear Linux or other?


I have been using these dated ACRN videos as guides while trying to replicate just a basic install and boot up of ACRN to see it in action before wiping my NUC and working from that pathway.



--- ACRN Getting Started and Demo



--- Info on ACRN design 


Basically, I would just like to see it run locally, in a VM if possible, before digging heavier into it.





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