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Hi Miguel,

this change means we don't need to install a "service_os" bundle and copy acrn.efi to EFI partition manually to boot ACRN hypervisor after " iot-lts2018 " package installed with bare metal system. right?
if so, how to boot up system to "standard" and "sos"? still need to setup manually to boot up one of them?
Any plan, please let me know. We may need to update documentation per your change.
the procedure to install ACRN is the same, we (ACRN team & CLR team)
need to improve it to setup easily.

Only changes the kernel, instead of choose pk414-sos you can choose
iot-lts2018-sos, and instead of pk414-standard as Guest you can choose
iot-lts2018 (note: no extra/post name (-standard) in it).

And in the next weeks pk414 will be removed (I'll send an email when we
plan to remove it).

iot-lts2018-sos is shipped with service-os bundle.
iot-lts2018 (standard) is shipped with kernel-iot-lts2018 bundle.

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Since 25540 Clear Linux* OS has added a new kernel called


This kernel is an "enterprise style" kernel with a significant list of back-ported features.

This package has a main package "standard" and a sub-package "sos".

The "standard" kernel (the main package) is meant for running on bare metal systems as well as running as a "normal" guest in various hypervisors. It is available in the kernel-iot-lts2018 bundle.

The "sos" kernel is specifically meant to run as DOM0 in an ACRN hypervisor setup. It is available in the service-os bundle.

Currently service-os bundle keep pk414 but will be removed when
iot-lts2018 be adopted.

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