Re: Can SoS be 32-bit

Geoffroy Van Cutsem

Hi Lonnie,


I’m not expert in this but as far as I know this has not been tried yet. We do compile specifically for 64-bit architecture (see the “-m64” flag in the Makefile [1]). This option does the following: “The -m64 option sets int to 32 bits and long and pointer types to 64 bits, and generates code for the x86-64 architecture”


The only area that makes me cautious about thinking it will “Just Work” is the whole memory management stuff that is being done by acrn-dm.


I’ll let the architects chime in too if they have more to say/report!








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Hi All,


I am going to experiment with setting up the SoS in ACRN with different flavors of Linux and was just wondering something about the SoS requirements as well as performance.


I am wondering if the SoS is required, or is recommended, to be a 64-bit OS or will a 32-bit OS work just as well since from what I understand so far, the SoS mainly provides the acrn-dm for the virtualized devices and UoS control program.


Not sure how a 32-bit SoS would have an effect on the whole system performance, if any.


Any information, or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards and have a great day,



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