Re: Supported Hardware help needed

Lonnie Cumberland <lonnie@...>

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your input on this since I think that it would be bad to spend the money and get something that falls short from being able to run even a basic setup.

I had actually been leaning toward (1) or (2) above since I found them first and then later stumbled upon the others.

Based upon the hardware matix that ACRN has listed I  was going along the lines of supporting the most use cases:

Platform (Intel x86)

Product/Kit Name

Usage Scenario - BKC Examples

SDC with 2 VMs

IU without Safety VM

IU with Safety VM

Logical Partition

Kaby Lake
(Code name: Dawson Canyon)
(Board: NUC7i7DNB)





Although I am not completely clear what the differences in (1) and (2) are in the ending naming of NUC Series 7 where it has "DNHE" and "DNKE". I think that this might have to do with the enclosure (maybe) that the boards are in, but could be totally wrong here.

Also, If can get a basic setup working like in the YouTube video (dated a bit from what Geoffroy tells me)

Then, perhaps I can develop on the new NUC for the project that I am eager to get going with ACRN as it seems to be the most promising and closest fit to the project goals that I have in mind. One of my goals, going forward is to have ACRN running on AMD as well as a number of modern commodity Intel systems that support hardware virtualization. Still a long ways to go but still a nice goal for ACRN as well.

Unfortunately, I have not looked into the Atom series at all and am totally a novice like you but, then again, that is the best way to get started I guess.  May we be able to learn a lot and I will be happy to share what I learn with you and others as the journey goes forward.

Thanks again and have a GREAT weekend,

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