Clear Linux iot kernel LTS2018

Miguel Bernal Marin <miguel.bernal.marin@...>


Since 25540 Clear Linux* OS has added a new kernel called


This kernel is an "enterprise style" kernel with a significant
list of back-ported features.

This package has a main package "standard" and a sub-package "sos".

The "standard" kernel (the main package) is meant for running on
bare metal systems as well as running as a "normal" guest in
various hypervisors. It is available in the kernel-iot-lts2018 bundle.

The "sos" kernel is specifically meant to run as DOM0 in an
ACRN hypervisor setup. It is available in the service-os bundle.

Currently service-os bundle keep pk414 but will be removed when
iot-lts2018 be adopted.


Miguel Bernal Marin Open Source Technology Center Intel Corporation

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