Software KVM Switch idea for ACRN

Lonnie Cumberland <lonnie@...>

Hi All,

I am slowly getting my feet wet with ACRN and think that it will be absolutely what I need for the product which is to have a practical use case offering ultra-small footprint, RAM based, high-security and a number of other features that will be brought into the project design.

I have already been spending a lot of time in the documentation and one thing that I am told is that the number of User VM's is pre-configured during the compile-time of ACRN.  I think that this will work for what I need also in that I can set a higher number of possible VM's as an upper limit and only run what I need. In this regard, ACRN might be able to allow for many user VM instances even if they are not all used.

Right now, I am investigating a question that is something that would really like to see as well in my project which is that of a type of software KVM Switch which would allow me to set a "hot-key" sequence and then cycle through running User VM's to allow them to gain control of the Keyboard, Video, and Mouse.  It seems that currently ACRN has the "Service VM" in control of these devices but I see no reason that User VM's could not have control as well (i.e. effectively being able to flip between User VM's)

Any thoughts on this idea or possibility?

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