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Geoffroy Van Cutsem

Hi Lonnie,


Happy New Year to you too!! :-)


The short answer is that we have not tested ACRN on AMD processors. I strongly suspect that ACRN will not run on AMD at this stage due to the differences in the HW-assisted virtualization extensions (Intel VT vs. AMD-V). Having said that, please let us know if you get it to work! We’d also be happy to take patches if you create a port for AMD.


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Hi All,


First of all, I would like to say Happy New Year to everyone.


Not sure if I have asked this, or if it has already come up, but I was wondering if ACRN will run on AMD processors.  Actually, I am looking for an extremely small footprint monolithic  hypervisor that can run on AMD and Intel processors as I investigate Uni-kernel approaches for JEOS streamlined applications.


Hoping that ACRN can be a good starting point for this effort that I have had in mind for a very long time now.





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