Re: Intel Core i7 board options.

Geoffroy Van Cutsem

Hi! I agree with you. It has been a challenge to decide what and to what level of granularity we describe what we validate, support and "Should Work". Let me take that comment back to the engineering team, I'm not too sure how to address it properly but I agree it's less than ideal at the moment.

The second part of your comment is really the out of the box experience, and there too it's not very straight-forward to install ACRN even on a board that's known to work. We have some ideas on how to make that easier, and with ACRN features maturing, this is climbing up the priority ladder... so hopefully we'll have something better there in the near future. If you have ideas yourself on how to make that easier, please feel free to share them here... and if you have code/scripts to help us, we'd also certainly welcome contributions in that area ;-)

Are you still having issues with your ACRN set-up by the way? If so, please tell us more about these and we'll try to help you!



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