Intel Core i7 board options.

Andrew Back

Hi All,

New to ACRN and wondering what the best options currently are for Intel Core i7 hardware? The documentation lists two NUC7i7xxx boards, but these are now a few years old. The v2.3 release notes mention 11th Gen Intel Core processors, but NUC models with these don't appear to be available yet and I am also not sure if going with the very latest hardware would be wise, considering that we want to focus our efforts on the application, and not debugging and ACRN development. Perhaps there are currently available more recent NUC i7 boards, that would be suitable? Also doesn't have to be NUC and could be some other, similar SFF board that is suited to embedded use. E.g. UP Xtreme.

It's also not entirely clear to me what "supported" means in this context. For example, perhaps it is the case that other Intel Core boards may work, but are not officially supported. Similarly with usage scenarios in the Supported Hardware matrix — are these those which have simply been verified with each platform, or perhaps some boards may lack certain features to support a particular scenario?



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