Re: Installing windows enterprise 1803 as Guest OS on 18.04 Service VM


Thanks Geoffroy,
Am wondering if we have list of CPUs tested anywhere, My first steps was to setup SVM on Xeon platform, found that it was not tested/supported as well. I understand we have listed supported hardware on the page but wondering if it helps any to capture these non working cases somewhere..

Would be interesting to find the root cause of this Coffeelake setup. I have attached the dmesg output after I enabled drm.debug=0x06, nothing stands out, but am not a GVT expert either. I have also attached script that I slightly modified to map to correct keyboard and mouse events. Both mouse and keyboard seems to be frozen, after I execute script. may be that's another issue.. But just as a temporary work around I have used another set of keyboard and mouse so I can interact with service VM.


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