Questions about ACRN's dependency and Other Linux Distro Supports

Shin, Jun-Sik

I would like to ask several questions about ACRN.

1. Hardware/Software Dependency
I am trying to follow the tutorial "Using Ubuntu as Service OS" with a hardware that is not included in the supported hardware list.
Specifically, I used SuperMicro E200-8D having Intel Xeon processor D1518, but enabling ACRN hypervisor was failed.
After selecting ACRN hypervisor from Grub menu, the hardware just freezes with a black screen.
So I would like to ask you about specific ACRN's dependencies on hardware/software components such as CPU and BIOS version.

2. ACRN's roadmap for supporting other Linux distros as guest OS
According to the nice presentation by Yu Wang in LinuxCon 2018, ACRN already has a plan for adding various OS distros like Windows and Android, as guest OS.
But, it seems that ACRN doesn't consider supporting popular Linux distros such as Ubuntu, CentOS, and Fedora in near future.
Since ACRN provides great features, If ACRN can support such distros, then, I think, users who are familiar with them can easily utilize it.
So, I would like to ask this question.

Best Regards,
Jun-Sik Shin

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