Re: ACRN + Kata Containers (and 'acrnctl')

Geoffroy Van Cutsem

Thanks for your explanation Vijay. It would make a lot of sense to me to build and install `acrnctl` even for a RELEASE=1 build. I'd like to hear from the engineering team if they have any objection to that. If not, I can prepare a patch to remove the conditional statements in the Makefiles.

[note: also adding the acrn-dev mailing list to make sure the developers see this thread]


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Hi Geoffroy,

Thanks for bring up this issue.

"acrnctl" binary is critical for kata containers when using ACRN hypervisor.
Kata uses this binary to add container rootfs. Using acrnctl blkrescan feature,
kata can add virtio-blk devices with dummy backend during VM launch and
later replace the dummy backend with the actual file (the container rootfs).

My suggestion would be to build and install acrnctl for RELEASE=1 build as


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Subject: ACRN + Kata Containers (and 'acrnctl')

Hi folks, Vijay,

The ACRN + Kata Containers configuration (described here [1]) includes a
definition for 'ctlpath' that points at the 'acrnctl' binary. That binary is only
built and installed for the debug version of ACRN (see also [2] for more
details), which means you cannot run Kata Containers with a released version
of ACRN today. I think we need to solve this and I can see two ways:
* Kata Containers does not really use that binary (and we can get rid of its
definition) OR
* We make sure 'acrnctl' is also built and installed for a RELEASE=1 build

What would be the right way to fix this?



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