Re: Issue on latest Clear Linux and ACRN on UP2 board

Tomasz Bursztyka


suspicious is the EFI bootorder as I described)
And how to fix this?
Not sure whether you are familiar with EFI shell. If yes, can you

try to load acrn.efi from EFI shell? That make sure the ACRN is

Thanks for the hint.

I had no re-enable the UEFI shell boot entry. There I could try to load
acrn.efi: and it loaded well.

So that gave me an idea: I disabled the boot 0003 entirely (namely UEFI
OS, I guess it's the one installed by clear linux). Reordered to get
the entry 0005 to be the first and now it works:

[ 0.000000] Hypervisor detected: ACRN
[ 2.052220] ACRNTrace: Initialized acrn trace module with 2 cpu
[ 2.053849] ACRN HVLog: Failed to init last hvlog devs, errno -19
[ 2.054223] ACRN HVLog: Initialized hvlog module with 2 cpu



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