Re: Getting ACRN to work

Xinyun Liu

Hi Dubravko,

I am using acrn-kernel ( on a kabylake nuc.   The cursor has some flicker issue with X. But if use weston, it's good. both has terminal. 

sos:  clearlinux  with 4.19.94-uefi-sos+             (b288780f868fa3b4a6b5fdae997c00a2c7314dd7)
uos:  ubuntu with 4.19.68-uos+             (f92a20f4a84b7aed25d581e4c061431dc06a98cc)

root=PARTUUID=7bd1404d-89ef-45a8-8635-227d5b02546a console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200n8 rw rootwait loglevel=8 no_timer_check consoleblank=0 i915.avail_planes_per_pipe=0x0F i915.domain_plane_owners=0x11110000 i915.domain_scaler_owner=0x1100 i915.enable_guc_loading=0 i915.enable_guc_submission=0 i915.enable_preemption=1 i915.context_priority_mode=2 i915.enable_gvt=1 i915.enable_guc=0 i915.enable_context_restore=0 hvlog=2M@0x1FE00000  nox2apic drm.debug=0x6 dyndbg="file *gvt* -p" nokaslr i915.enable_initial_modeset=0
BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/bzImage-v4.19 root=UUID=c4fd12f3-2237-4d7c-955a-ee5370888327 ro console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200 i915.avail_planes_per_pipe=0x000f00 use_nuclear_flip=1 i915.enable_guc_submission=0 i915.enable_guc=0 drm.debug=6

The display solution has limitations but works for the specific scenario. To make it more univesal and for more scenarios,  we need to revist the design and improve it. It's in my todo list.

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