Re: Getting ACRN to work

Dubravko Moravski | Exor Embedded S.r.l. <dubravko.moravski@...>

Hi Zide,

I've managed to download the kernel as instructed, enable the required Ethernet driver, and compile the kernel.

Today when I wanted to test it, my board has died, for no particular reason. Hardware team thinks it's not repairable. I'll have to wait a couple of days at least until I get another one.

Best regards,

Dubravko Moravski
SW engineering
Exor Embedded S.r.l.
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Hi Dubravko,

I assume x2apic is working for you now since you can mount rootfs. Then you may treat the Ethernet driver issue just like
it on the native Linux, for example, /lib/modules/ matches kernel version 'uname -r'? driver module exists? etc.

You may compile your own kernel like this:

$ git clone
$ cd acrn-kernel
$ cp kernel_config_uefi_sos .config
$ make menuconfig
$ make

Best Regards,

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