2020 ACRN Project Technical Community Meeting Minutes - WW08'20

Wang, Hongbo

ACRN Project TCM - 18th Feb 2020
  1. ACRN project update 
  1. “EtherCAT 101” by MAO, Junjie
Download foil from ACRN Presentation->ACRN_TCM->WW08’20
Short description: EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) is a popular fieldbus technology for industrial control and can be used in safety-critical scenarios together with FSoE (Fail Safe over EtherCAT). It is thus important to understand the technology and analyze its impact to the design of ACRN which targets to be a real-time and safe hypervisor suitable for IoT areas including industry. In this session, we will brief the fundamental concepts and principles of EtherCAT and FSoE to establish the prerequisite for further analysis on enabling VMs with EtherCAT workloads atop ACRN.
  1. All: Community open discussion.
  1. Next meeting agenda proposal:
WW Topic Presenter Status
WW03 Expose and pass through platform hidden PCIs devices to SOS LI, Fei 1/15
WW08 EtherCAT 101 MAO, Junjie 2/18
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