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Chen, Zide

Hi Dubravko,

In the meantime, is there something like "AP Thread Idle Manner" in your BIOS? And changing its setting makes any difference?

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On 2/12/20 8:02 AM, Dubravko Moravski | Exor Embedded S.r.l. wrote:
Please find attached the log file and my acrn.conf.
My old BIOS didn't have any settings related to Mwait, so I've installed newer BIOS which has "Monitor Mwait Enable" and I've ensured it's set to "Disabled". Changing the BIOS seems to have also changed some data in logs, but the overall behavior is the same.
New acrn.efi seems to work reasonably well. Our custom board is obviously specific, but in general it is similar to reference Leaf Hill CRB.
After the last printout from the log, everything stops working (there is nothing on the screen attached to the board and the keyboard doesn't do anything; also typing in the serial terminal doesn't do anything).
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Hi Dubravko,
"Spurious vector" could because of external interrupts not registered in hypervisor. This may not be an issue and can be
ignored for now.
For the repeating "Starting VCPU 3" issue, it seems some thing related to SIPI delivery. But nothing is obvious to me and
need to debug it.
I built a Clear Linux kernel with additional logs showing how it's bringing up APs. Could you please try the attached
Also please enable early printk by adding "ignore_loglevel earlyprintk=serial,ttyS0,115200n8,keep" to the options in
acrn.conf; And use the attached acrn.efi (I enabled some additional logs and print out Linux logs even before ACRN console
is operational). If acrn.efi doesn't boot, which is highly possibly since it's not built against your custom board, you
may need to apply the attached patch to ACRN hypervisor.
Hopefully the full logs can give us some clues.
Best Regards,

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