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Chen, Zide

Hi Dubravko,

Did you boot ACRN from acrn.efi (UEFI) or acrn.bin (SBL), or acrn.32.out (Grub)? RELOC is enabled for acrn.efi, but not others.

For the init_percpu_lapic_init() issue, it's highly possibly that the user defined MAX_PCPU_NUM is less than the physical CPU number from ACPI table.

Other than that, probably you need to debug the parse_madt() and see if it can't find MADT table or corrupted MADT so that it finds 0 pcpus.

BTW, you can pull this PR to your code which may help your bring-up since it enables early panic() and other pr_err() messages.

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On 2/10/20 5:13 AM, Dubravko Moravski | Exor Embedded S.r.l. wrote:
Hi Zide,
Thank you very much, you were right. I've had RELOC already enabled, but apparently one also need to have CONFIG_HV_RAM_START 2MB aligned. I've set it to 0x1400 0000 and now my hypervisor manages to execute entire init_paging() function.
... but now it crashes in cpu.c, init_percpu_lapic_id(). A block of code from init_pcpu_pre():
if (!init_percpu_lapic_id()) {
panic("failed to init_percpu_lapic_id!");
"7" gets printed out, neither "8" nor panic does.
I guess something is wrong with the interrupts? If it means anything, I've made no particular modifications related to interrupts, and our board generally works well with Linux.
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Hi Dubravko,
Host MMU page size is 2MB in ACRN hypervisor. It seems to me that the direct cause for crash could be CONFIG_HV_RAM_START(0x13151000) is not 2MB aligned.
Did you disable relocation (RELOC in Kconfig)? By default RELOC is enabled and it allocates memory from EFI and overwrites the user defined CONFIG_HV_RAM_START, which is supposed to be able to avoid the 2MB alignment issue.
In case of you prefer to disable hypervisor relocation, you may need to make sure that CONFIG_HV_RAM_START is configured to the memory that is of EfiConventionalMemory(7) type. You may find out the available memory by calling dump_e820() in misc/efi-stub/boot.c, before emalloc_reserved_aligned().
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