Rajagopal Aravindan

Hello Victor,

>>If DMAR still can not present, you need to contact bios vendor.
This has turned out to be the case. Looking at ways to contact VisualBios vendor.

>>Also, please check the result of "virt-host-validate" in native
All checks PASS except the below one
QEMU: Checking for device assignment IOMMU support: WARN (No ACPI DMAR table found, IOMMU either disabled in BIOS or not supported by this hardware platform)


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hi Rajagopal,

Please try below:

disable vt-d in bios, do cold power boot, re-enable vt-d in bios, do cold power boot again.

If DMAR still can not present, you need to contact bios vendor.

Also, please check the result of "virt-host-validate" in native, if DMAR doesn't present, then you also have problem to run KVM/Xen...



On 11/15/2019 1:40 AM, Rajagopal Aravindan wrote:
Hello Victor,

>> Yes, DMAR table might not exist if vt-d is disabled in BIOS.
On our NUC, we have VT-d enabled in VisualBIOS but, there is NO option for IPU.
How do we get DMAR tables in this case ?


On Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 6:13 AM Victor Sun <victor.sun@...> wrote:

Yes, DMAR table might not exist if vt-d is disabled in BIOS.



On 11/8/2019 1:57 AM, Dubravko Moravski | Exor Embedded S.r.l. wrote:
Hello Rajagopal,

I'm not an expert but just a user of ACRN; we've had a similar issue on one of our boards. To enable DMAR table in ACPI, ensure in BIOS settings that IPU is disabled, and VT-d instructions are enabled. If you still have the same error, you'll have to ask your BIOS provider to add the DMAR table.


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Subject: [acrn-users] ACRN on NUC5CPYH
Hello Victor,

We are also trying to run ACRN on NUC5CPYH.
PFA the following ...
  1. screenshot of the error while running
  2. o/p of cat /proc/cpuinfo
  3. screenshot of VisualBios details, currently configured to UEFI-only mode
Can you please help us get past this ?


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