ACRN Project Technical Community Meeting Minutes - 7/31/2019

Wang, Hongbo

ACRN Project TCM - 31th July 2019
  1. ACRN project update 
  1. “Design of GOP Driver for GVT-g” by HE, Min
Download foil from ACRN Presentation->ACRN_TCM->WW31’19
Q1: What’s the life cycle of GOP from power on to Windows desktop showing up?
A1: VM setup -> OVMF loading -> OVMF loads GOP -> OVMF displays on GOP -> OVMF boots Windows -> Windows display through GOP framebuffer -> Windows load GFX driver -> Windows desktop show up.
Q2: What’s the relationship between VideoBIOS and GOP?
A2: Video BIOS is for legacy BIOS and GOP is for UEFI BIOS.
Q3: What’s the overall boot flow sequence of SOS, GVT-g, OVMF, UOS?
A3: SOS booting -> SOS loading GVT-g -> VM setup by hypervisor -> vGPU created by GVT-g -> OVMF loaded in VM -> OVMF loads UOS bootloader -> UOS booting.
Q4: Can current GOP driver design support pass-throughed GPU device besides GVT-g?
A4: No. We may support it in the future if there’s such requirement.
Q5: What’s development environment of GOP driver? In OVMF?
A5: GOP driver is inside of OVMF (actually in EDK2). And it supports development in both Windows and Linux environment.
Q6: Can GOP driver support other Guest OS beyond Windows?
A6: Yes. GOP driver is OS independent.
Q7: Can GOP driver feature co-exist with KVM’s QEMU’s video driver? Any conflict between GOP’s local display and VNC remote display after GOP driver changes upstreamed?
A7: The driver binary can exist in the OVMF of KVM qemu. But they cannot work at the same time. KVM qemu must set up to use either GVT-g’s vGPU or, the Qemu’s emulated video. 
  1. All: Community open discussion.
  1. Next meeting agenda proposal:
WW Topic Presenter Status
WW02 TPM2.0 virtualization in ACRN DENG, Wei 1/9
WW03 Polling mode Virtio and its advantage for RT VM DENG, Jie 1/16
WW04 Buffer sharing from UOS to SOS, HyperDMA usage LIU, Xinyun 1/23
WW05 USB HUB Virtualization WU, Xiaoguang 1/30
WW07 ACRN Device Model QoS Design LIU, Long 2/13
WW08 ACRN Debug Tips CHEN, Jason 2/20
WW09 GVT-g debug trace tool GONG, Zhipeng 2/27
WW10 Kata Container Architecture: First Steps with ACRN Dhanraj, Vijay  3/6
WW11 One ACRN hypervisor to support multi-platform WU, Xiangyang 3/13
WW12 Power button key mediator design in ACRN LIU, Yuan 3/20
WW13 Local APIC Virtualization Enhancement for Intel KBL platform LI, Fei 3/27
WW14 Safety VM Support YIN, FengWei 4/3
WW15 How to customize GPIO in ACRN LIU, Yuan 4/10
WW16 ACRN Cache QoS support based on CAT TAO, Yuhong 4/17
WW17 ACRN Real-Time measurement Methodology LI, Wilson 4/24
WW19 I2C Virtualization CHEN, Conghui 5/8
WW20 SGX Virtualization in ACRN WU, Binbin 5/15
WW21 Logger Improvement on acrn-dm CAO, Minggui 5/22
WW22 AcrnGT Virtual Display Deep Dive HE, Min 5/29
WW23 Local APIC Emulation and Pass-through Grandhi, Sainath 6/5
ACRN Functional Safety: Understanding and Mitigating Inter-VM Interference MAO, Junjie 6/19
WW26 Enable VwWorks as RTVM on ACRN FU, Kaige 6/26
WW27 ACRN 2.0 New Architecture Sharing - 1/2 REN, Jack 7/3
WW28 ACRN 2.0 New Architecture Sharing- 2/2 REN, Jack 7/10
WW29 How to enable open vSwitch on ACRN LIU, Yuan 7/17
WW30 ACRN Configuration Design Tool SUN, Victor 7/24
WW31 Design of GOP Driver for GVT-g HE, Min 7/31
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  4. Technical Mailing list: acrn-dev@...g 
  1. Recommended Hardware platform (reference):
  1. Apollo Lake (SoC) UP2 (with serial port): AAEON UPS-APLC2-A10-0232 
  2. Apollo Lake (SoC) NUC (without serial port): NUC6CAYHL (at least 8G memory)
  3. Kabylake (Core) NUC (with serial port): NUC7i5DNHE
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