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Wang, Hongbo

  1. About hardware platform with serial port: We don’t try every off-the-shelf hardware for Apollo Lake and Kabylake CPU. UP2 and NUC7i7DN are just ones we use in our lab, which have serial port jumpers from motherboard. I believe there’re other machines which have RS232 jumper. For example, Dell desktop machine, Internal evaluation boards from Intel, etc.
  2. Without serial port, it’s very difficult to debug ACRN boot phase code. After ACRN successfully boot, you can use “printf” to output debug messages to screen without serial port.


There may be other hardware workaround to support serial port. For specific NUC models, it’s possible to solder down 2 jumpers on motherboard by extending RX/TX singles from M.2 adapter’s pins. But finding a machine with vanilla serial port is always first option.



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Hi, all. 

I was wondering that 'UP2' and NUC7i7DN' are only devices supporting serial port to debug ACRN hypervisor?
How can you develop ACRN on the devices without serial port? (like 'NUC7i7BNH')


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