Re: Try to follow the Getting Started

Geoffroy Van Cutsem

On Fri, 2019-06-28 at 02:42 -0700, jvemulapalli@... wrote:
Hi Can I install it into a laptop for evaluation purpose and later
onto the NUC?
Please confirm whether hypervisor works on x86 laptop or not.
We do not test it on standard laptop. The likekihood of success depends
amongst other things of the processor you have on the laptop. We test
ACRN on Apollo Lake and Kaby Lake processors. You also need the laptop
to have an EFI bootloader.

I guess you have seen the relevant pages in our documentation by now,
but if not, here is where you should start from:
- Getting Started Guide:
- Supported HW:

Feel free to try and report out on this list if you're having problems
but be aware that we may not be able to easily troubleshoot this,
especially if you do not have a serial port connection to the laptop.

We should also shortly have another option for you to try out ACRN
without a NUC, that's via QEMU. It's not quite ready yet, you can track
progress here if you're interested in this option:



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