ACRN Project Technical Community Meeting Minutes - 4/3/2019

Wang, Hongbo

ACRN Project TCM - 3rd April 2019
  1. ACRN project update
        ACRN brochure updated with architecture picture.
  1. YIN, Fengwei: Safety VM support on ACRN
Download foil from ACRN Presentation->ACRN_TCM->WW14’19
Q1: Are there any device sharing between Safety VM and other VM?
A1: No, due to safety consideration.
Q2: ACRN is designed for small footprint for IoT usage, will this design provide different compile configuration to control the device driver code in ACRN hypervisor? What’s the drawback of moving device support from SOS to HV? Portability, more platform scalability?
A2: It depends on how many new code will be added for the devices moved from SOS to HV. We prefer to use unified code base to handle the different requirements. That will minimize the maintaining/testing efforts. But if footprint is impacted, we will figure out how to handle it. Compiling configuration could be one option.
Besides the footprint, the portability could be a drawback. Because different platform has different system critical devices. Then we need move all these system critical devices from SOS to HV. More platform specific code will be added to HV and hurt HV portability.
Q3: Does the safety vm feature feature exist in the acorn master or special branch? When?
A3: It will be landed to master branch. The rough timeline could be Q3.
Q4: Will ACRN use Post interrupt to guarantee the real time?
A4: Now, we use lapic passthru for hard realtime VM. It could minimize the HV impaction to real time task in RTVM.
  1. All: Community open discussion.
  1. Next meeting agenda proposal:
WW Topic Presenter Status
WW02 TPM2.0 virtualization in ACRN DENG, Wei 1/9
WW03 Polling mode Virtio and its advantage for RT VM DENG, Jie 1/16
WW04 Buffer sharing from UOS to SOS, HyperDMA usage LIU, Xinyun 1/23
WW05 USB HUB Virtualization WU, Xiaoguang 1/30
WW07 ACRN Device Model QoS Design LIU, Long 2/13
WW08 ACRN Debug Tips CHEN, Jason 2/20
WW09 GVT-g debug trace tool GONG, Zhipeng 2/27
WW10 Kata Container Architecture: First Steps with ACRN Dhanraj, Vijay 3/6
WW11 One ACRN hypervisor to support multi-platform WU, Xiangyang 3/13
WW12 Power button key mediator design in ACRN LIU, Yuan 3/20
WW13 Local APIC Virtualization Enhancement for Intel KBL platform LI, Fei 3/27
WW14 Safety VM Support YIN, FengWei 4/3
ACRN-DM logger CAO, Mingui
Performance tuning tip - Unified Debug Trace Tool across UOS/SOS/ACRN CHEN, Conghui
vUART hotkey switch CHEN, Conghui
Decouple VM configs and board configs SUN, Victor
S5 support for dm-launched RTVM FU, Kaige
High speed UART share between UOS/SOS CHEN, Conghui
I2C Virtualization CHEN, Conghui
GPIO Virtualization Update LIU, Yuan
Open vSwitch Design for ACRN LIU, Yuan
OVMF to support secure boot Fang, Peter
  1. (WIP) 1st PRC IoT Open Source Meetup,  June’19,  Shenzhen/Shanghai
  1. Project URL:
  1. Portal:   
  2. Source code:   
  3. email: info@...g
  4. Technical Mailing list: acrn-dev@...g
  1. Recommended Hardware platform (reference):
  1. Apollo Lake (SoC) UP2 (with serial port): AAEON UPS-APLC2-A10-0232
  2. Apollo Lake (SoC) NUC (without serial port): NUC6CAYHL (at least 8G memory)
  3. Kabylake (Core) NUC (with serial port): NUC7i5DNHE
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