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Geoffroy Van Cutsem

I had started looking into this a bit since I knew the engineering was mostly out on holiday last week, the quick summary is that there are at least a number of virtio FE drivers that are not upstream (yet): RPMB, HECI, Audio, IPU, TSN, HyperDMA buffer, HDCP and COREU (see [1]). You may not need all of them but I suspect you'll want at least a few. I think this is pretty much it for the User OS kernel but I will let the engineering confirm that.



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Hit send way too early. Obviously virtio and friends need to be enabled. Is any
*KVM guest enabled* kernel suitable, or are there further guest improvements
in the acrn-kernel tree?


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Obviously the SOS needs the acrn patches (which I'm obtaining via
linux-intel-lts) but are there any UOS-specific patches in that kernel
tree too? Does any modern kernel work as well, or are there patches
and/or kconfig options that improve the guest performance?


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