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Geoffroy Van Cutsem

Hi Ross,

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Using a EFI shell I managed to determine that this is what happens if you
don't pass the loader argument. Something like:

cd EFI
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Right, that's understood. So now if bootx86 is actually systemd-boot, why
does this hang and not do anything:

cd EFI
acrn.efi loader=\EFI\BOOT\bootx86.efi
That's been hanging for 30 minutes so far.

Can acrn be started from the EFI shell? Should that have worked? Any tips
to debug this?
You can start it from the EFI shell, it should work. We've had some issues with old-ish bios so if you have not done so yet, I would recommend you upgrade your bios to the latest.

That's the system-boot efi binary from a Yocto distro, isn't it? What happens if you start bootx86.efi from the EFI shell directly, do you see the boot menu with all entries from /loader/entries?


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