How to pass through off-chip USB controller

Tzeng, Tonny <tonny.tzeng@...>

Hi there,


I got an Aaeon’s AI Core, which integrates the Movidius Myriad2 chip and a USB3 controller on a PCIe card, and I’d like to drive it from the UOS on the UP2 board. I follow the Getting Started Guide and I am able to pass through the built-in USB controller (PCI 00:15.0) to the UOS. Since my Movidius PCIe card is presented to the system as a PCI 01:00.0 device, I tried to use the similar way to pass through it to the UOS, but the DM aborts and can’t launch the UOS.


Is there any restrictions to pass through PCI devices to UOS? I’ve tried to unbind the device thru the pci-stub, and  add “-s 21,passthru,1/0/0” option to the DM, but the DM can’t launch the UOS with these modifications. What’s the proper procedures to pass through an *external* USB controller? Any pointers would be appreciated.




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