Re: Running ACRN on Intel Atom® Processor E3845

Jack Ren

Hi Joel,

                Welcome to try it on MinnowBoard and any patches are welcome!

                If you need any help, please send it to the mail list, we will answer your questions.



Best regards,

Jack Ren


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Subject: [acrn-users] Running ACRN on Intel Atom® Processor E3845


Hello All,

I would like to run ACRN on the MinnowBoard Turbot QUAD Core Board which has the Intel Atom® Processor E3845.

I understand that this target is not tested, but I am up for the challenge.

However, if anyone has done this, or can tell me about what roadblocks are ahead, I'd appreciate it any advice.

I see that  ACRN checks CPU capabilities at runtime so perhaps obstacles will become apparent first time I try to boot it.

Best Regards,

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