Re: ACRN's OTA: it leverage SOS's capability to do OTA

Geoffroy Van Cutsem

Hi Hongbo,


Thanks for your follow-up on that question. I missed the TCM call but was that question specific to systems running with SBL or UEFI (or both)?


You mention that the hypervisor is “stitched” in the SOS image which makes me believe you are really talking about systems running the SBL boot firmware. Systems running UEFI boot firmware are a bit different and it would be really nice to see a solution to be able to upgrade the hypervisor for both platforms. This is not in place yet for either of those and contributions in that area would be very welcome!




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Hi all,


One question from ACRN Technical Community Meeting (TCM) this week is whether ACRN support updated feature like OTA.

Here’s the feedback from ACRN’s engineering team:  right now ACRN hypervisor is stitched (build-in) with SOS image, for example Clear Linux as Service OS, so the ACRN’s update could be done by SOS if SOS has such capability.


Thanks for the questions.



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