Re: ACRN's OTA: it leverage SOS's capability to do OTA

Ming Liu


Sorry for broadcasting, but FYI..

I have ported ACRN hypervisor/SOS/UOS to yocto, please see my project if you have interest:

With this meta-acrn, there is also a TUF based OTA framework and a meta-updater yocto layer:, that we can implement a OTA solution on top of them, which I am working on. Please join me if you also have interest.

//Ming Liu

Wang, Hongbo <> 於 2019年1月10日 週四 下午12:56寫道:

Hi all,


One question from ACRN Technical Community Meeting (TCM) this week is whether ACRN support updated feature like OTA.

Here’s the feedback from ACRN’s engineering team:  right now ACRN hypervisor is stitched (build-in) with SOS image, for example Clear Linux as Service OS, so the ACRN’s update could be done by SOS if SOS has such capability.


Thanks for the questions.



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