ACRN Project Technical Community Meeting Minutes - 1/9/2019

Wang, Hongbo

Wish all you a Happy New Year! Looking forward to your collaboration in ACRN community in 2019!
ACRN Project TCM - 9th January 2019
  1. ACRN project update
  1. ACRN 2018 roadmap retrospective.
Download foil from ACRN Presentation->ACRN_TCM->WW02’19
  1. DENG, Wei:  TPM2.0 Virtualization in ACRN
Download foil from ACRN Presentation->ACRN_TCM->WW02’19
  1. All: Community open discussion.
  1. Next meeting agenda proposal:
WW Topic Presenter Status
WW02 TPM2.0 virtualization in ACRN DENG, Wei/ZHU, Bing Today
WW03 Polling mode Virtio and its advantage for RT VM DENG, Jie Plan
WW04 Buffer sharing from UOS to SOS, HyperDMA usage LIU, Xinyun Plan
  1. TBD
  1. Project URL:
  1. Portal:   
  2. Source code:   
  3. email: info@...g
  4. Technical Mailing list: acrn-dev@...g
  1. Recommended Hardware platform (reference):
  1. Apollo Lake (SoC) UP2 (with serial port): AAEON UPS-APLC2-A10-0232
  2. Apollo Lake (SoC) NUC (without serial port): NUC6CAYHL (at least 8G memory)
  3. Kabylake (Core) NUC (with serial port): NUC7i5BNH
Best regards.
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