Re: Need Support on RTOS Privileged VM & sharing mode

Jack Ren

Hi Rajesh,

                Thanks for showing the interest in ACRN!

                We will submit the patches to enable post-launched hybrid mode (the SOS boots up first, then launch the privileged VM) soon, and will also upstream the patches to enable the Zephyr. Then you can use it as an example to enable freeRTOS. J

                For the pre-launched hybrid mode and pure partition mode to run Zephyr, the work is still on-going. Please stay tuned.



Best regards,

Jack Ren


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Hi Acrn Team,


I am Rajeshkumar. Thanks for add me in the acrn group. I was going through the presentations WW45'18 it was impressive.


I have brought the NUC device and want updated with ACRN and clear linux SOS and UOS. I am able see running with the help of the ACRN Documentation. 

But I want to play around with different modes(Sharing, Partition and hybrid modes) I need help on below concepts. 


1.  I need to put freeRTOS as UOS. For the simple Hello world application. How to build freeRTOS elf with virtualization support and sample lanch_uos script for that. 

(I have tried in command line it not worked out well. First virtualization support is not enabled and it failed SWLOAD )

My Intention is need to try with RTOS, If you don't have virtualization support for freeRTOS I am good with Zephyr.


2. Please provide some steps boot acrn in Partition and  hybrid modes. (to boot Privileged VM Independent/dependent of SOS). 

( 1. If you have example some UOS and SOS please provide me for above case I will try in my NUC board.

Also I am ready to build the UOS and SOS using Please provide the steps also.)


Thanks with Regards,


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