Need Support on RTOS Privileged VM & sharing mode

Rajeshkumar Mathivanan

Hi Acrn Team,
I am Rajeshkumar. Thanks for add me in the acrn group. I was going through the presentations WW45'18 it was impressive.
I have brought the NUC device and want updated with ACRN and clear linux SOS and UOS. I am able see running with the help of the ACRN Documentation. 
But I want to play around with different modes(Sharing, Partition and hybrid modes) I need help on below concepts. 
1.  I need to put freeRTOS as UOS. For the simple Hello world application. How to build freeRTOS elf with virtualization support and sample lanch_uos script for that. 
(I have tried in command line it not worked out well. First virtualization support is not enabled and it failed SWLOAD )
My Intention is need to try with RTOS, If you don't have virtualization support for freeRTOS I am good with Zephyr.
2. Please provide some steps boot acrn in Partition and  hybrid modes. (to boot Privileged VM Independent/dependent of SOS). 
( 1. If you have example some UOS and SOS please provide me for above case I will try in my NUC board.
Also I am ready to build the UOS and SOS using Please provide the steps also.)
Thanks with Regards,

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