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Wang, Hongbo

Thanks for the questions.

1. For FreeRTOS and Zephyr as Guest, I’ll let Jack to comment it.

2. For CAN port access and other peripherals, we have two major method for device access: one is pass-through, the other is to develop device mediator by para-virtualization. We haven’t enabled CAN port virtualization on RTOS Guest.



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As part of a project, I was trying to setup FreeRTOS as UserOS in Intel NUC 6cayh. I am getting some trouble getting the os up. It is getting hang after add_cpu() call.


In your recent presentation, I have seen you had set up Zephyr as guest os. Can I get some code references for enabling virtualisation in RTOS. Is it available?


Also I would like to know what are all the peripherals you are able to access in RTOS as guest. I would like to access CAN port through USB or ethernet. Can you provide suggestions on this.






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